Our Story

I wish I could say that I always wanted to make natural skincare products, but unfortunately that was not the case. To be honest, I used to really enjoy purchasing the typical smell goods from the popular stores in the mall. At that point, I wasn't very cautious about the ingredients, I mainly purchased for fragrance. I didn't become interested in natural skincare products until I received a gift on Valentine's Day from my husband which contained a lotion bar. The gift box was filled with all types of bath bombs and soaps but I was most intrigued with the tiny heart shaped lotion bar which had a slight chocolate smell. I just remember the way I felt as it slowly melted while it glided across my skin. I instantly fell in love and wanted to learn about how I could make them myself.

That simple idea blossomed into way more than I could have ever imagined. The more I learned the more I wanted to know and I started purchasing small quantities of different butters and oils to play with. This was far from my old world of baby oil and highly fragrant lotions. I started studying the health benefits and the properties of each oil and from there I learned from a close friend how to make body butter. Just as we had perfected our original recipe and started selling it to our family and friends, my mother decided that she would undergo chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer.

The doctors had not really given us many options or suggestions for products to use as they tired to mentally prepare her for the side effects that she may experience from the chemo. It was not long after her first few treatments that her skin showed visible signs of distress. Everything about her skin changed, from the texture all the down to its appearance. My mom complained about how her skin was now always dry and that her lips, nails, and cuticles chipped, split and cracked easily. She found that our whipped body butter helped tremendously with providing relief and far exceeded the results of some of the commercial products she previously used. As her treatments continued and her skin continued to change, she kept me busy with all types of request for new products.

It was all trail and error for me. But everything that I made, was crafted with love and care specifically with her needs in mind. I can honestly say that experiencing this with my mother pushed me into elevating my craft and helped me as I gradually developed a full product line. Still to this day, several of the products that we offer were originally formulated just for my special cancer patient.

This is one of the many reasons why we only offer the products we use ourselves. Every single product is family tested and family approved. Each product that we offer was first crafted with the intentions of caring for someone that I love and we will continue to carry on this concept as we grow our business. Everything we create, is created in love with the intentions of encouraging healing and to soothe the skin.


crafted with love by a loving creator


Our Promise

Our business exempifies our love for wholesome natural products and for this reason every product is homemade with love and care. We select raw natural butters and cold pressed oils to create luxurious products that are healthy for even the most sensitive skin.

We promise that we will never sell or offer products that we do not use ourselves. Our business is family owned and all of our products are family tested. We only offer the products that we enjoy and love.


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