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The Love of Nature in a Jar!

Let mother nature caress you and smooth your skin when it is irritated and you are desperately in need of relief.   Steroid and chemical free, this whipped body butter is infused with essential oils and skin loving natural butters and oil. Crafted to reduce inflammation and sooth severe skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.  Engulf yourself with love by providing intensive moisture, crafted with 

Just what are our customers saying...

Jamila..5 star rating 01/21/18
IT WORKS!  Please make the purchase!  Used this for my infant daughter's skin. She was 6 months old and had a pretty bad flare-up of eczema and had skin "scales" all along her back. I used this butter directly on her skin, sometimes without bathing her directly before (doctor said to limit her baths afterwards) and the results have been nothing but astounding. We saw results in 4 days..the patches completely left. The texture is so creamy and rich, it reminds me of a souffle. The smell is mild, but a refreshing, clean scent. We are so pleased we just bought some for our family out of state to try for their dry skin problems. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this out before using something in the store that is made with artificial and chemical ingredients that are mostly watered down. This stuff is the truth... 


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